When Hiring For In-Home Care

In-home care, also called home health care or aging-in-place, brings medical care and treatment right to your doorstep.  Part of this often requires you to hire a Home Health Aid to help out.

Here are some important issues you should consider before hiring for in home care:

Your level of comfort with someone coming into your home

  • Your ability to easily communicate with that person
  • The level of care they can provide you

With that, the following checklist will help you find the best caregiver for your particular needs:

  1. Does the caregiver speak in a manner that can be easily understood by the patient at all times?

  1. Does the caregiver have the proper language skills to easily understand the patient and the person overseeing the care?
  1. Does the caregiver have experience with the patient’s health situation?
  1. Is the caregiver amenable to changing his or her care giving style based on the particular needs of the patient?
  1. If the caregiver will be offering medical care, does he or she have the requisite qualifications and certifications?
  1. If the caregiver will be helping the patient with bathing, dressing, using the toilet, and other physical activities, is he or she physically strong enough to support the patient?
  1. If the caregiver will be providing transportation services, does he or she have a valid driver’s license?
  1. How will you manage division of labor and the social dynamics if there will be multiple caregivers working together?
  1. Have background checks been run on any potential candidates to make sure they haven’t been found guilty of abuse or neglect?

While there are certainly more inquiries that can be made, the foregoing is a good starting point when gathering information about someone who will come into your or your loved one’s home.  Hopefully you have a comprehensive plan covering finances, legal, housing and care is already in place.  If not, this is the time to get started.  Do some homework and seek out professional assistance.

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